About Us


Hello and welcome to Boots, Badge and Baby Bottles™ children’s apparel. The Boots, Badge and Baby Bottles™ brand is inspired by Women Who Serve!  Women who are strong, beyond capable and proud of what they do.  

Boots, Badge and Baby Bottles™ would like to celebrate you and all you do through statement apparel your little ones. Because “Mommies Serve Too!” 

So, why the name Boots, Badge and Baby Bottles? Well, it is the order in which things occurred in my life.  I’m a Navy Reservist, Veteran, Law Enforcement Officer and Mom to a most precious little boy.  I’ve been a military reservist since 2002 and after deploying to Iraq, I became a Combat Vet – BOOTS.  In 2014, I became a Law Enforcement Officer – BADGE.  Motherhood followed shortly after – BABY BOTTLES. 

After becoming a mother, attending military and law enforcement training allowed me to recognize the absence of children’s wear celebrating moms in these fields.  There is always an abundance of “My Dad’s A Hero”, “My Dad’s an Officer”, My Dad this and My Dad that…you get the point.  While dads are indeed great and wonderful (my husband is awesome), I wanted some gear for my baby boy that acknowledged mom’s accomplishments.  I often left T-shirt shops empty-handed because I wasn’t the wife or mom of a Veteran or Law Enforcement Officer (LEO).  No, I AM the Veteran and LEO.  I Wear the Boots in the Family!  Ladies, have you ever asked,  “Where are the shirts for my little ones?”  Well, they are finally here and well deserved.  

On behalf of BBandBB, I’d like to say, Thank You For Your Service – you are appreciated.



S. Olivia