BOOTS, BADGE & BABY BOTTLES™ – Mommies are Heroes too


BOOTS, BADGE & BABY BOTTLES™ – Mommies are Heroes too


Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished?

Before having a baby, I barely noticed the absence of statement apparel celebrating a woman’s role as military members or status as a veteran.  There was that one time I became a little annoyed while looking for a ‘Proud Navy Husband’ T-shirt but that wasn’t a big deal.   I wasn’t yet a law enforcement officer so I wasn’t thinking about that either.   It wasn’t until I was a mother, away from my six month old for an extended period of time as I trained for the law enforcement position I had waited for most of my career.  Away at this training facility, I visited local law enforcement stores, on and off the facility, where many students could buy position related gear and apparel.  As a new mom, of course I wanted something for my baby.  Something to celebrate my accomplishment, this new direction my career was going in.   Something that began with ‘My Mommy….”  Nope, nothing.  I left with a onesie with a badge that said Jr. Officer, or something to that effect.   Maybe next time.


Later that year, I had to attend military training  (I know, more time away from my infant.  Hopefully, he won’t hold it against me).   After over a decade in the military reserves as an enlisted member, I became an officer.  Another proud moment and great achievement, right?  Of course I wanted to buy something cute for my precious baby boy while I was away.  So off to the exchange I go in search of gear for my baby.  Nothing for moms but no shortage of My Daddy, My Husband, My Brother gear.   I’m not the wife, girlfriend or the sister – I AM the Veteran, I AM the Law Enforcement Officer.  I wear the boots in the family!


Certainly I’m not the first woman to leave a child behind for work but when I searched for resources related to law enforcement and military training, I couldn’t find anything on what to expect, coping mechanisms, etc. I knew I wanted to share my experiences and create a forum for women going through the same things but I also wanted to celebrate my status the same way my male counterparts were able to.  While I could not have accomplished these tasks without the help of my husband and mother, they are indeed accomplishments to be recognized and celebrated.   They say if you don’t see something you want, create it.  I knew I wasn’t the only woman or mom who wanted this; so here it is.  The Boots, Badge and Baby Bottles™ (BBandBB) brand helps you celebrate your accomplishments, your status as a woman, mom proudly serving as military member, law enforcement officer or first responder.


Women are Heroes, Mommies are Heroes, the everyday heroes.   We serve, we fight, we train, we keep people safe, we put out fires, we keep the peace, we save lives.  We are committed to our families and to what we do.  We make sacrifices some don’t understand and the courage we exhibit cannot always be described. We lace up our boots and we get things done.  YOU ARE the Veteran, Military Member, Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, Corrections Officer, First Responder.  No need to be modest, let BBandBB help you celebrate all you are and all you do.  You’ve earned it!

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