HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY?! – When duty calls on your special day

Military Mom - Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY?! – When duty calls on your special day

Has this happened to you? Given your line of work, I’m sure it has. I experienced it for the first time in 2016. I spent my second Mothers Day alone in a room longing to hold my soon to be 18 month old son. As I concluded the first week of another extended absence from home, I wondered how many other moms were sitting alone in a room far away from home without their children. A LOT!

I posed the question in a Facebook group I joined and quickly realized I was better off than many other moms.   Military moms were deployed and out of the country for their very first Mothers Day. Others were missing their special day for the umpteenth time. Others were near home but working all day or extra duty. As I read the comments and viewed the adorable photos of the children these moms were missing, I began to realize that I had little to complain or sulk about. I was going to see my son in a few weeks. These women were going months without seeing their children and in addition to that, had the stressors of being deployed to areas we wouldn’t want to spend one day in.

I began to focus on the sacrifices so many women make in the name of service. I admire the strength we have, the ability to inspire and support each other when facing situations unique to us. Yeah, I missed one Mother’s Day so far. I’ll probably miss a few more. Missing that day seems horrible at the time but our children will understand. I suppose, we could choose an alternate day to celebrate.  Let’s continue to support each other on these special days.  Think about the moms who are away from children or who have lost children.  And let’s not forget the dads and other family members who care for our children while we are away.   We can do this ladies, hang in there.

How do you handle being away from your children on special days?

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